Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Welcome Home Again

How many times have I found myself being welcomed home?
How many times have I felt at home?
Once again I opt to dive deep.  The plan this time is to use this to experiment, then to transfer images and text to a Blurb book.  Mary is good; she encourages me to bring in images; she plans to let me use the Neurofeedback equipment after my sessions.  Maybe I can get back home again after all these years.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


New to teaching distance education, I'm taking two online courses through Athabasca University: Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK11) and Connectivism and Connected Knowledge (CCK11).  The intent of this site is to gather and digest resources and ideas helpful in my teaching.  I'm sold on the value of online learning, especially for my students (emergency services providers who work rotating shifts and are unexpectedly deployed) but seek to find effective ways to support their learning.  Distributed learning holds great promise, but I need ways to keep in touch with their efforts and intervene when needed.  Utilizing available analytic tools seems crucial, but doing so requires my walking unfamiliar territory.  I appreciate your input and assistance as I muck about.